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Ola Electric Scooter Delivery dates, Features, How to book, and Price in India

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Ola Electric Scooter Delivery dates, Features, How to book, and Price in India

Ola is one of the most popular Indian cab companies that provides in-demand cabs to customers so that the customer can easily travel to their destination without any delays. This company has an impressive reputation throughout the country and they’ve expanded their services in many other countries.

Contra buying in the ‘Go Green’ initiative for minimizing carbon emissions, Ola released their electric scooter in 2021. In this discussion, we’re going to cover updates regarding this Ola Scooter. In this discussion, we’re going to cover all the aspects like Ola Scooters Delivery dates, Features of Ola Scooter, how you can book your Ola Scooter and many more. So, stick with this discussion if you wanna know any updates regarding the Ola scooter. Let’s start.


Delivery date update of Ola Electric scooter

 Since the news was released that Ola is going to introduce the electric scooter in the market, lakhs of customers have pre-booked their orders for Ola scooters. The first consignment of Ola Electric scooter company released a stock of 1 lakh scooters and they’ll get sold in just 2 days. Within 48 hours, Ola earned around Rs. 1100 crore from the sale of the Ola Scooter.

The next sale which they scheduled was on the 1st of November just before Diwali in 2021. They’ll get a huge response in their 2nd sale and all the stocks will get sold in their second release.

The delivery date of the next stock is not mentioned by officials of Ola but the delivery of the scooter is done on the scheduled date provided by every individual customer.

As per the recent update from Officials of Ola, we have figured out the period in which Ola is going to release their electric scooter stocks. People who have made payments for Ola electric bookings will get the official schedule of the release of the Ola Scooter. People who got the schedule of delivery from October 2021 to January 2023 are going to get the delivery very soon. 3

The expected duration is around 2-4 months and in the next 2-4 months Ola is going to schedule the delivery of Ola Electric Scooter buyers. So, if you have purchased an Ola electric scooter then you’ll get the delivery of your scooter between February 2023 to April 2023.


Features of Ola Electric scooter:-  

The Ola electric scooter is available in 2 models

  • Ola S1 and
  • Ola S1 pro

The features and specifications of the Ola S1 pro are much better than the Ola S1. So, let’s discuss the features and specifications of both Ola electric scooters.

  • The battery power of both scooters is around 2.98 kWh and 3.97 kWh respectively.
  • The top speeds of both models are 90 km/h and 115 km/h respectively.
  • The motor of Ola S1 is an electric motor power of 5.5 kW, while the electric motor of Ola S1 pro is around 8.5 kW.
  • Both models of electric shooters attain disc brakes.
  • Available in more than 5 color options.
  • Both models of electric scooters give 75 km of riding output in 18 minutes of charge.
  • The braking system of both scooters attains a combined disc brake system.
  • Comes with the availability of fast charging features.
  • a 7-inch touchscreen display is available.
  • Embedded with the features of Android OS, Find My Scooter, Charging controls, Music, GPS, and many more.

So, these are the major features of this Ola Electric scooter. When we talk about the current electric scooter market in India then getting an Ola Electric scooter will be a good option for you. So, if you’re looking for an electric scooter under a good price range then Olathe  Electric scooter will be a better option for you.


Price of Ola Electric scooter:-  

As we have discussed above the Ola scooter is available in 2 different variants Ola S1 and Ola S1 pro. Both the models of Ola are available under different price segments. The price of Ola S1 in India is around Rs. 99,999/- and the price of Ola S1 pro in India is around Rs. 1, 29,999/-

We suggest you prefer Ola S1 because it comes with a good price range and decent features but if you’re looking for an Electric scooter with enhanced features then you can go with the Ola S1 pro.

How to book the Ola Electric scooter Online?

 If you’re willing to get an Ola electric scooter but don’t know what to do then let us tell you that to get the Ola Electric scooter you have to pre-book your order which you can easily do online. Whether you’re looking for Ola S1 or Ola S1 pro, you can easily confirm your booking online. The below-discussed steps will let you know about the Ola Electric scooter online.

  • Firstly, you have to visit the official website of Ola Electric Scooter or you can also use the Ola Scooter Mobile App to book your order. So, visit the website or download the application for the Ola Electric scooter and log into your account.
  • When you reach the official portal of Ola Electric scooter select the option of “Reserve”.
  • Select the variant which you’re looking for and select it. If you’re looking for Ola S1 then select it in the menu.
  • Now, enter the mobile number and the company will send an OTP to the provided mobile number. You have to enter the OTP in the column and verify your mobile number.
  • Enter other details like Name, Email ID, and other personal information asked in the form.
  • Now, you have to pay the order confirmation charge which is around Rs. 499/- to confirm your order. So, complete the payment and confirm your order.
  • A token will be allotted to you. You can check the further status of your order through this token.

How to check the Ola Electric scooter order status

 People who just have confirmed the order of their Ola electric scooter can easily check the status of their order. Well, the company will notify you when your order is ready to buy. If you wanna check the progress then you can easily check by visiting the official website of Ola Electric Scooter or accessing the Ola Electric Scooter app.

You just have to visit the official website of Ola Electric Scooter, open the menu, and select the option to track your order. A new page will open where you have to enter your Tracking ID/Token number. So, enter your token number and make sure that the token number entered is correct. Touch to search option and you’ll get the progress of the order of the Ola Electric Scooter order.

You’ll receive the delivery date when your order is ready and you can easily get the delivery on the scheduled date.


Final words :-  

Ola Electric scooter is one of the best options if you’re looking for a scooter. Ola scooter comes with some superb features and an impressive design. There is no other electric scooter available in the market that can beat the Ola Electric scooter. So, if you’re interested in getting any of the models of Ola Electric then just visit their website and get the token number of your purchase today.

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